Peace Auto aims to achieve the following goals.

1. Auto drivers who are professionals, courteous, and offer a genuine smile.
2. Law abiding auto drivers who follow traffic rules, and are well trained in operating an efficient and safe auto service. Honesty in returning back customers belongings when they leave it in the vehicle.
3. Clean autos and well groomed auto drivers- drivers who are in uniform and maintain personal hygiene.
4. Strict alignment to meter fare, elimination of refusals, and clear display of identity inside the auto.
5. Establish a strong community of auto drivers through Auto Drivers Cooperative and Peace Auto Welfare Fund to improve the quality of life of auto drivers.
6. Consistent incorporation of feedback from passengers to improve the service . Improve the customer experience with technology and also providing extra service by offering books and magazine for free read from mini library inside the auto.
7. Inspiring both auto drivers and passengers to become Peacekeepers.
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